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En/Press Stand Alone Digital Multi-Media Press (without feeder compatibility)


108.86 kg
Individual Price


Save Time & Make Money

The En/Press Digital Multi-Media Press offers users an affordable way to go digital and meet the demand for fast, full-color printing. The complete digital solution is powered by iQueue Workflow that offers new file editing options, new variable data manager, advanced color correction tools and more.

Perfect CTP Solution

Xante is pleased to announce a revolutionary advancement in Computer-to-plate (CTP) printing technology. The En/Press Revolutionary Digital Multi-Media Press with PlateMaker 8 Inside is a brand new polyester CTP system. Specifically designed for small commercial printers and print shops, this solution is low cost, high quality, and chemical free. The best part is that it’s all contained WITHIN the En/Press which is already the best way to print your envelopes, NCR multi-part forms, stationery, invitations, announcements and more!

Improve In-House Productivity

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